Saltwater Stone is a specialist marine communications agency

offering public relations, marketing, advertising, and design services across the marine leisure, superyacht and commercial markets

Our Expertise

We are proud to be established specialists in our field. More than 30 years of global experience have instilled a rich and varied accumulation of knowledge at the heart of our team. Our continued focus is to unlock the potential of all the modern digital and physical communication tools at our disposal and adapt quickly in our fast-changing, unpredictable world.

Our Purpose

In close partnership with our clients, we are driven to achieve tangible results to maximise business success for each of them. Our culture to nurture long-standing client relationships, some of 10 years and more, and tailor our services to specific needs results in hugely beneficial collaborations. As an extension of every company’s in-house team, we are genuinely enthusiastic about each product or service launch, new development and announcement, which means we are emotionally invested in our clients’ growth and progress.

Our Inspiration

Our wealth of experience, our knowledge and qualifications, our dedication, and the strategic expert support we meticulously source ensures a complete marine marketing service is guaranteed at Saltwater Stone. However, the one abiding force which connects us, the industry we love and the businesses within it, is the sea and water. Our foundations, our office base and our team members are aligned with the ocean.

Our Passion

Our passion for boating and the water, and our affinity with the marine community, is central to all we do. It is why we can productively unite with all our clients, big and small, in the leisure, professional or commercial sectors, across the world, with harmonised goals and beliefs to achieve the best results.

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