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After weeks of solid planning and an immense build up, I finally got to see what all the fuss was about. It has only been a few months since I joined the Saltwater Stone team and coming from a technology background, the marine industry is a whole new kettle of fish.

By Jemima Molyneux

Representing our clients and being a part of the show really opened my eyes into such an interesting industry and the many diverse businesses that are involved all round the world. While trying not to lose my bearings and get lost in the tremendous trade show, what struck me the most was the vast amount of businesses required for Superyachts. Walking around the SuperYacht Pavilion, naive and absorbed, it made me realise – of course! Someone needs to provide and design the crew’s uniform, manufacturers are needed to make ample exhaust pipes and services are needed to manage and protect the IT systems onboard the Superyachts.


Not just as someone who is new to the marine industry but as a young professional, METSTRADE was highly beneficial towards my career. The trade show offers a ‘Young Professionals Club’ with a few events across the time of the show as well as a dedicated members-only lounge that can be used as a base to encounter other peers in the industry. On the Wednesday evening I attended the young professionals canal cruise which was a lot of fun but also a great chance to meet people my age who are also having similar experiences of being new to the industry and what they have learnt. I would highly recommend attending this next year.

Taking everything into account, attending METSTRADE with Saltwater Stone has been a massive learning curve. In my opinion, it is a crucial show for leisure and superyacht maritime businesses to meet other businesses and key individuals who operate in these sectors, and I would urge directors and decision-makers to encourage more of their younger colleagues to attend the show, as it is a truly enriching experience. If you are going to be new to the show next year, my advice would be to make sure your time is planned efficiently, make sure you have a business card at the ready and be prepared for a manic three days!