Digital MarketingSustainable Success Stories: How Our Clients Are Leading the Way
SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS STORIES - How Our Clients Are Leading the Way

Sustainable Success Stories: How Our Clients Are Leading the Way

‘Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’ is the definition of sustainability according to the 1987 United Nations’ Brundtland Report. Oceans play a vital role in climate regulation, biodiversity, food security and livelihoods, transportation, and trade as well as tourism; incorporating all three key dimensions of sustainability: economic, social and environmental. Therefore, with the ocean being the natural resource relied entirely upon by the marine and maritime industries, it is crucial to monitor their impact on the ocean in contributing to global emissions, marine pollution, and climate change. Saltwater Stone is proud to represent clients who are actively working on sustainable solutions alongside meeting decarbonisation targets, and we want to shine the spotlight on some of them and the amazing work they do.

Kongsberg MarineKongsberg Maritime is a world leader in sustainable maritime technology and ship design. This year marks 50 years since their original ship design teams produced their first innovative designs. Five decades on, the company continues to produce some of the most advanced, environmentally efficient ships in operation today such as the famous polar research vessel, Sir David Attenborough, which plays a vital role in understanding and predicting how climate change will impact our futures. Kongsberg Maritime continually pushes the boundaries of technology, leading the way with new features such as hybrid propulsion, fuel-saving bow designs and the ability to operate emission-free.

You can read their latest sustainability report here: kog-report-2023.pdf (

Karpaz Gate MarinaKarpaz Gate Marina is a marina resort based in North Cyprus. As a new marina which opened in 2011, the development had the opportunity from the outset to incorporate the most sustainable smart and innovative practices within its infrastructure to preserve the local environment and provide jobs for the local Cypriot community. Furthermore, with nature being one of the key attractions and sources of tourism in the unspoiled North Cyprus region, they continuously educate their visitors about proper waste management and behaviour practices in respecting the local environment. The marina also received the Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Award in September 2023 for their sustainability efforts.


Fischer Panda UKFischer Panda UK, the UK distributor and supplier of power systems is actively working to develop and provide hybrid and electric power solutions for their UK-wide customer base. Working collaboratively with their partner brands, they design complete systems across the marine, automotive and defence sectors which underpin the most important solution: to reduce emissions and provide cleaner, greener power supply while educating their stakeholders about the possibilities and its importance.

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Peters & MayGlobal yacht transport provider, Peters & May, announced last year its commitment to achieving net zero emissions, working with the internationally recognised Planet Mark sustainability certification.

Whilst global marine transport is considered one of the most economical and environmentally friendly modes of transport, it is important to consider the detrimental impact it can have on the environment. Peters & May are aware of this and with the support of Planet Mark and its firm standards, the company are not only reviewing all its internal carbon footprint activities but are also optimising processes throughout its upwards and downwards supply chain.

Peters & May endeavours to radically reduce its contribution to greenhouse emissions.

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Vetus’ commitment to sustainable boating has had a strong impact on their R&D endeavours and they have developed two complete electric propulsion systems, the E-LINE and E-POD in response to the industry’s move towards emission-free electrification. Both systems have ‘active motor braking’, combining the silence of a sailing boat with the total control and manoeuvrability of a motorboat.

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