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It still pays to give print advertising due consideration says
Saltwater Stone’s Georgina Bartlett

Although increasing digitalisation is transforming our lives for the better in countless ways, when it comes to advertising it can pay to give traditional print publications due consideration. While there are undoubtedly many advantages of advertising online, particularly attractive pricing and the ability to measure response rates, print media still has an important place to play.

Georgina Bartlett, Saltwater Stone MD explains: “On average companies look to a 70:30 split, digital to print, although there’s a growing trend for pure digital campaigns. However, we always advise that some audiences and certain markets still look to print for heavyweight articles and thought leadership pieces, and many publications continue to offer respected editorial integrity and should be considered.”


A study examining the differing effects of paper and digital media, by Bangor University in 2009, showed paper was perceived as more “real” by the brain. It concluded that physical material has a meaning and a place and connects better by engaging with spatial memory networks. Physical material was seen to involve more emotional processing, which is important for memory and brand associations, and suggested a greater “internalisation” of the ads.

In addition, while digital ads must compete with all sorts of noise on a screen, when someone chooses to take the time to read a magazine, they are likely to give greater attention to the publication and your advert. Another well-known argument is that by choosing to advertise in a respected publication, brands benefit from the ‘halo effect’.

The theory is that they will enjoy the same positive feelings readers have for the respected publication. Adverts can also be carefully placed within publications, in the position most likely to reach your target audience, and, as magazines offer a wide range of options from quarter-page ads to glossy fold-outs, there will be something to suit a range of budgets.

Georgina continues: “Here at Saltwater we recommend both print and digital have a place. We consider the client message, audience and product or service being advertised when we make our recommendations.

“Online options offer a greater immediacy, although credible platforms aren’t always able to offer prime positions or impression numbers due to the limitations of digital advertising,” she cautions. “And, while print publications will always accept a booking, as the magazine can increase in size accordingly, premium positions are often booked up to a year in advance.”

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