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Although 2020 may still seem far off, the planning season is fast approaching. So, drawing on many years’ experience advising clients about advertising in the maritime media, we’ve put together some pointers to bear in mind when considering your next campaign.

Pinpoint your target audience – think carefully about who you’re trying to influence and what’s the best outlet to reach them, so you’re not unduly swayed by the allure of the glossiest titles.

Budget realistically – don’t forget extra costs on top of advertising rates. Be sure to set aside enough for any artwork creation, copywriting or translation you may need.

Start afresh – don’t take the easy route by following what’s been done before. The maritime media is an ever-changing market; reappraise the outlets on offer before deciding where to spend your money.

Maintain your presence – once you’ve identified the best publications to reach your audience, it’s best to spread your campaign over a prolonged period to build up awareness so plan for multiple placements.

iStock-Worawee Meepian

iStock-Worawee Meepian


Saltwater Stone’s Senior Media and Marketing Executive, Izzi Birchall, adds: “As experienced media buyers we have a keen understanding of the print and digital advertising landscape. Our relationship with the media allows us to strategically plan an effective advertising campaign while securing the best rates possible.”

To find out how we can help create your 2020 advertising campaign and get the most from your budget, email Izzi at: