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Media and Marketing Exec 3-6-5

Media and Marketing Exec 3-6-5

It has been 365 days since Izzi Birchall first walked in to the Saltwater Stone office as a Media and Marketing Executive.
“The stark emotion of starting my first day in my dream career was unexplainable. As the year progressed I found myself and my role growing together. I have always been good at building relationships and coming in to the Saltwater team I was surrounded by like-minded, funny, intelligent people. I continued to build rapport with clients and industry professionals.
“My first mass encounter with the media was at Cannes Yachting Festival and for the first time I felt part of something big. My industry colleagues live and breathe maritime, and I feel special to be part of this. I continued to see familiar faces at the shows and exhibitions that followed in Southampton, Monaco and London. People were stopping me in the aisles, asking my opinion, inviting me to industry events, and it became apparent to me that this is where I belong. I have long heard that when you join the maritime industry, it is difficult to leave, and I can see why; I have found it to be an interesting and captivating industry.
“I found myself and my role growing together, I saw a change in myself.”
“Starting in a new company is a big change for most people, you have taken a chance to do something different and succeed. When I mentioned that I found myself and my role growing together, I saw a change in myself. I have become more confident, excited and absorbed. I stop and think about this time last year, 2 years, 3 years ago and I am so much more than I was then. This is a career change, one that requires me to take personal responsibility for decisions that reflect on the company. I am trusted to manage client needs, deliver campaigns and more. I managed the production of our 2017/18 Yearbook which is used in all areas of our business.”
Over the past 12 months Izzi’s media and marketing role has evolved and she has managed client events in Monaco and organised a client’s sponsorship of a major industry award ceremony. With more events to look forward to over the next 12 months, from workshops in Barcelona and Rhode Island, to Saltwater Stone’s sponsorship of the Press Office at Seawork International 2018, we cannot wait to see what the rest of 2018 brings for Izzi who is now also our dedicated events manager – congratulations Izzi!

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