Improving organisation and boosting the profile of fledgling awards ceremony

Helping set Seawork’s awards for the commercial and workboat sectors on course for greater success

The European Commercial Marine Awards (ECMAs) had been established to run in conjunction with Seawork International, in Southampton, a show which caters for workboats and the smaller end of the commercial shipping industry. Several different venues had been tried, with varying levels of attendance and success. Impressed by Saltwater Stone’s accomplishments running the Motor Boat of the Year Awards, organised for 11 years on behalf of Motor Boat & Yachting, Mercator Media approached us to help iron out problems, enhance the overall experience and elevate the awards to a more professional footing.

When Saltwater Stone set about compiling a report outlining ways to improve, it quickly became evident the best way forward would be for Saltwater to work with Mercator Media to produce the next awards in June 2017. A dramatic change was clear from the outset of the first new-format event and a packed house enjoyed a slick, smoothly-run ceremony. Mercator was delighted with the result and immediately appointed Saltwater to handle the ECMAs in future.


Our work included:

  • Event organisation
  • Strategy planning
  • Background presentation
  • Sourcing host
  • Script preparation

Our wide-ranging tasks at the ECMAs include collaborating with the judges to write presentation scripts, organising invitations and seating plans, making sure the check-in desks are manned correctly, liaising with the audio-visual team and ensuring the catering and refreshments are delivered at the right time. The Saltwater team also puts together a background presentation to run alongside the winners’ announcements and source an industry-savvy event host to provide professional gravitas to the presentation.

The ECMAs continue to grow from strength to strength, with excellent attendance, and have become an important fixture for those in the workboat and commercial shipping sector.