Crafting additional content to maintain momentum

Saltwater Stone’s Content Plus initiative is an extra affirmation of our commitment to support the maritime industry infrastructure

Saltwater Stone’s extensive experience in targeting and tracking specific channels through which we can provide carefully-researched, suitably-tailored and print-ready content for our clients is well established. Therefore, when the UK went into lockdown in March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, Saltwater Stone recognised the need to maintain our clients’ presence in both the public eye and the business-to-business realm, particularly at a time when boat shows, maritime trade shows, conferences and regattas had to be placed on hold or rescheduled.

Our work has included:

• News features
• Promotional materials
• Customer stories
• Case studies
• Blogs

The build-up to such events, and the shows themselves, traditionally generate a wealth of mutually invaluable content for periodicals, newsletters and websites across the maritime industry as well as media outlets in the wider sphere. However, even with the unavoidable absence of show-related input, we were nevertheless well positioned to address the consequent shortfall in copy, working with our clients to produce and place news items, thought leadership pieces, case studies, infographics and promotional materials announcing the development or launching of new products and services.

Furthermore, Saltwater Stone also introduced the Content Plus initiative, managed by our Media Account Manager, Izzi Birchall. The thinking behind this was that if our customers needed extra articles, blogs and other written content to be supplied – or if maritime magazines were seeking additional copy during the outbreak – we would be able to meet these requirements, over and above our contracted hours, as a complimentary service to our PR clients.

Communicating with our network of media contacts to ascertain whether they were in need of specific pieces of copy, we were pleased to receive an immediate uptake from a wide variety of maritime sectors, all keen to contact us with their respective content requests.

Content Plus has helped with the continuation of coverage for our clients as well as provided a valuable source of approved subject matter for maritime media outlets during a challenging time. Initially available between March – August 2020, Content Plus has been well received and will be continued through the autumn 2020 season.

Photo credit: Prasertthai