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Be in it to win it!

Be in it to win it!

With awards season approaching, many of our clients have been busy preparing submissions for a range of international accolades. Among the hopefuls are some exciting, innovative and even game-changing products in both the maritime leisure and commercial sectors.
As awards are a great way to boost promotional activities and generate new PR, they’re an opportunity not to be missed. It’s worth remembering that as many schemes are supported by magazines or publishing houses, success can not only bring publicity when shortlists and then winners are announced but can also lead to extensive coverage in follow-up features.
However, completing an awards submission can be a time-consuming task that can easily get pushed to the end of a to do list with the risk of missing deadlines. It can also be difficult to narrow down which scheme is most suitable or carries the most prestige, as entering them all is a costly business.
Once you’ve made a choice, it’s important not to rush the applications and to take the time to ensure you cover as many points as possible that will strengthen your submission. Then, once the application is completed, it’s also vital to put measures in place to maximise all the PR opportunities a win or special mention could bring.
Press releases should be prepared in advance of the ceremony and these need to be accompanied by good images, so you should either plan to have some taken on the night or get something ready to go beforehand. It’s also helpful to ensure your media list is up to date and prepared so no time is wasted in getting the good news out to as many people as possible if you win. And the success should also be shared on social networks to make sure you reach as wide an audience as possible.
Saltwater Stone has extensive experience assisting clients with awards submissions and helping them maximise all the PR the possibilities a win can bring. So, if you are struggling to find the right wording for your submission or need advice about the most suitable awards to enter, why not get in contact to see how Saltwater Stone can make the process easier?

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