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Charlie’s Take – AI in PR

Whether you are aware of it or not, you have almost certainly encountered some sort of AI in your daily life. 2023 saw a shift in AI’s move to the mainstream, particularly evident with the rise in popularity of AI chatbot platforms and AI image generators on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram.  

However, in the marketing industry it’s no secret that the use and value of AI in the PR sphere is growing and shows no signs of abating.  Currently, there is a mixture of enthusiasm and fear about AI’s use, and while it can be a huge time and resource saving tool, could it actually replace the need for human input in the PR process?  Our experienced Senior Account Manager, Charlie is here to give her take on this topical talking point to debunk fact from fiction when looking at AI’s place in PR services.  


The Role of AI in Enhancing PR Practices 

There is certainly a strong foothold for AI’s use in augmenting PR professionals’ business practices. The potential time and other resources saved with researching, copy writing, reporting, planning, identifying and targeting audiences and optimising content, is exponential.  Optimising AI can also be a great way to stimulate creativity and contribute ideas for PR campaigns during brainstorming sessions.  


Human Relationships & Creativity are Paramount 

However, we must never forget the importance of the human element and the personal experiences of a professional PR person.  No computer can replace a great working client relationship. AI could not recreate all the human experiences that an individual person holds in their mind to provide the same level of acumen and discernment they can offer a client. We simply cannot replace human creativity garnered from our individual human experiences in business and our personal lives, with automation. AI has its place in PR and it can be a useful tool for a plethora of purposes, but human communication and relationships are king!

Furthermore, the creativity and innovation that drives successful PR campaigns cannot be replicated by AI because it is limited to the data it has access to.  So, while AI algorithms can generate content based on existing data, they cannot create something completely unique and original like that generated from the mind of a PR or marketing communications professional! 


AI undoubtedly has a valued role to play in various aspects of PR, from content creation to campaign automation. Still, it cannot replicate the creativity, originality, critical thinking and emotional intelligence that the human touch brings.  


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